2021 Chipper Days

June 14 and September 11

Chipper days, funded by MWPA and sponsored by FIRESafe MARIN, are back.  For Marinview, these days are June 14 and Sept 13.  Please note that, as last year, one has to REGISTER with FireSafe Marin to have a pile chipped.
New in 2021: 

  • Two curbside chipper events in your area.
  • Suggested pile size is 10 feet x 4 feet x 4 feet. The registration process will allow people to request the removal of larger piles. 
  • Piles are to be placed on the curb on Monday morning (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) by 8am the week of their event. The piles will be picked up by Friday of that week.
  • Residents who used the reservation system in 2020 will receive an alert for their 2021 Chipper events.

Pre-registration is required: 

Find more information related to Chipper Days program at and

Questions:  call Marinview board member Jim Burn, (415) 272-8258