The Board

The Marinview Board meets three times a year, second Tuesday of the month, at 7 pm at the TCSD Cabin.  The Fire Mitigation / Landscape / Trails Committee also meets three times a year, the same time and location.  Thus, every two months, there’s either a board or committee meeting occurring.  All board members are encouraged to attend the Fire Mitigation / Landscape / Trails Committee meeting. 

President: Fred Stemmler
Treasurer:  Jim Burns
Secretary: Beth Waldman Keenan
Alicia Asensio
Bernard Catalinoo
Leonel Figuerdo
Elias Olson
Tim Požar
Raymond Rosen

Architecture Committee:
Leonel Figueredo (Chair)

For certain home remodels, the County requires the homeowner to obtain approval from Marinview’s Architecture Committee as part of the permitting process. In these situations, the homeowner is asked to obtain letters of approval from neighbors. The Committee’s job is to validate that this properly happened.

Communications Committee:
Beth Waldman Keenan (Chair)
Leonel Figueredo
Tim Pozar

Disaster Preparedness Committee:
Bernard Catalinotto (Chair)

Fire Mitigation/Landscape/Trails Committee:
Jim Burns (Chair)
Bernard Catalinotto
Elias Olson

Tim Pozar