MarinView Community Association

A Voluntary Association

Welcome to the MarinView Community Website
This website is intended to serve MarinView residents and others as a portal to useful information about our community. Links are provided on such topics as MarinView newsletters, board and committee minutes, fire safety information, etc..

About MarinView
MarinView is a serene, hill-side community of 240 homes with stunning views and fresh ocean breezes. The neighborhood is only minutes from downtown San Francisco yet is far removed from the hustle and bustle by being virtually surrounded by the Marin headlands and other park and public lands. Numerous trails weave in and out of MarinView, connecting its residents with the Golden Gate Bridge to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west, Muir Woods to the north, and the bay to the east. At the foot of the MarinView community is the highly regarded Tam Valley Elementary School. Nearby are the Tam Valley Community Center and other public facilities. Seasonal programs include a dinner theater, the “Creek Side Fridays” concert series and a local farmers market. These are just a few of the many perks one enjoys living in Marinview.

MarinView Community Association – a Voluntary Association
Representing the residents of the neighborhood is the MarinView Community Association (MVCA). The MVCA is composed of a nine member board of directors and various committees. All individuals participating in these groups are volunteers.

MVCA Mission Statement
MVCA’s mission is to improve and maintain the quality of life for all MarinView residents. MVCA accomplishes this mission by focusing on:

• Safety – Fire mitigation efforts are MVCA’s number one priority. MVCA has engaged in many projects on this front including securing grant funds (over $200,000) for brush removal, working with local agencies to have annual goat herd visits, educating and promoting defensible space concepts, etc..

• Aesthetics – Beautification and maintenance of the neighborhood is the MVCA’s second priority. Landscaping at the front entrance, painting street lamps, and trail maintenance are just some of the things we do to keep MarinView looking good.

• Social – MVCA sponsors community barbeques, produces periodic newsletters, and has worked on mapping and improving community hiking trails.

To support these efforts, MVCA collects from each home a nominal association fee of $125/year. MVCA reports how this money is spent in a frequent and transparent fashion.

Questions? Want to volunteer?
Please contact

Elias Olson, MVCA President.